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Ideation Training – Egypt Entrepreneurship Rally 2024
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AAST Entrepreneurship Center Online Ideation Training – Course Evaluation 

Please help us improve our program offerings by filling out this evaluation. Evaluate each lesson with regard to the usefulness of the content and the effectiveness with which the instructor presented his or her materials. 

Please rate each item by selecting the number of your choice from 1 to 10 for each statement, where 1 is the least agreeing to the statement, and 10 is the most agreeing. 

Ideation Training 2024 Lesson 5 (Sessions 3-5)

Lesson 5: The Value Proposition (Sessions 3-5) - Instructor: Dr. Fahd AbdelAziz

This lesson’s content is understandable?
This lesson’s content is organized?
This lesson’s content is beneficial?
I have learned new information from this content?
The instructor presented the content in a simple way?
The instructor presented the content clearly?
The instructor presented the content in an interesting way?