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Ideation Training – Egypt Entrepreneurship Rally 2024
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At this point, it is time to learn deeply and apply to ideate the startup idea for the course. Lesson 3 comes in-depth for knowing and generating a startup business idea through starting off with what a startup idea is; problem, solution, idea, business model definitions. Then learning about serving a need vs Solving a problem, startup Idea vs traditional business idea. the characteristics of entrepreneurial ideas. the ideation process, idea generation techniques, how to optimize and localize a business idea.


Furthermore, the lesson tackles what idea validation is, examples of successful ideas and their matching to the previously mentioned characteristics, criteria for a good business idea.


Finally, the lesson works on the feasibility assessment for the generated idea covering what feasibility is, feasible entrepreneurial idea vs non-feasible entrepreneurial idea, thorough explanation about the feasibility pillars, how evaluating a business idea could be done numerically, and closes with how investors assess and choose among proposed business ideas.