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Ideation Training – Egypt Entrepreneurship Rally 2023
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You have completed the Rally Ideation Training.
In order to get your certificate, you need to apply in the Egypt Entrepreneurship Rally Competition by doing the following:
1) Go to the Egypt Entrepreneurship Rally Website

2) Press on Apply Now.

3) Create an account to apply with your idea.

4) Verify your account using the verification mail.

5) Choose your preferred track.

6) Fill out the personal information.

7) Explain your solution idea.

8) Upload a simple 3-minutes video where you explain your idea on YouTube, and paste the link in the application.

9) Fill out the Business Model Canvas.

10) Click on submit to get the Reference Number (Application Number), and paste it in this form.

Steps to get your Certificate

11) Please make sure to solve all quizzes and mark all sessions as completed using the button “Complete Lesson” at the top right of each session.

12) In the course home page, please click on “Complete Course” then press “Generate Gradebook”.